Question alert

Hello there!

When setting up an alert, the email sent, in my opinion, would be better if it sent the vicinity of the row in which the goal has been achieved. Check this out:

This question generates about 250 rows, exposed in a column chart, for all time data. My goal was reached recently, but that what I’ve got in my email: I had to run the question again, so I could actually see when the goal was reached. My suggestion: show closer rows, or, at least, the last rows, rather than the first ones - the likelihood of the goal being reached in the last rows seems, to me, far greater than in the first ones.

In general you may be right.

But for that case, and probably a lot other regarding alerting/pulses, just rephrase your question to filter to the last few months (no need to alert :rotating_light: on stuff that happened back in 2013 :wink:) … and be done with it.

Oh, yeah, you are absolutely right. My point was just to use the same question for both consultation and the alerts, but, in terms of workaround, yeah, no problem, I can surely get the only relevant row to show. It is just that, considering it is a costly question to run, I usually do not filter dates - I leave it all there, so, when someone wanna look that data, they will already have a full historical glance, rather than “oh, what happened before these months? I need to rerun the question”. (Of couse I could create another question, one for the alert and other for consultation, but that, duplicating questions, feels a bit “meh”)