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Getting to grips with metabase but having some issues with field filters.

I am trying to link to a field filter which is a stand alone table that has all platforms.

The reason for this is when creating a dashboard and using a filter not all platforms are shown, this is because only certain aspects of the dashboard are relevant to specific platforms.

My theory is if I’m able to use the field filter with all platforms this will apply to the dashboard filter.

I’m using google BigQuery

TIMESTAMP_TRUNC(CAST(prod_date AS timestamp), day) AS prod_date,
SUM(unique) AS sum
[[‘WHERE logins.platform_id = {{platform_id}}’]]
prod_date ASC

Error message:
'Syntax error: Unexpected string literal ‘WHERE logins.platform_id = 1 = 1’ at [7:1]

The query runs if I use a standard text filter opposed to a field filter

Easy mistake to make. Answer in here:

Thanks but when I use the clause of WHERE {{Platform}}

Then link the field filter to my other table I receive an error message of:
The query of Unrecognized name: li.platform_control at [7:7]

but the query runs works if I don’t populate the filter value

Hi @Antonio89
It looks like you’re using an alias, that’s currently not supported, so you have to use the full table/column names.


I have removed the alias but to no avail unfortunately…

I have gone to the dataset to try and understand the issue with simpler data but the image attached is not providing any results, sorry it must bu user error!

I think you’re field filter is set to the wrong Product ID.
Your query only contains the ORDERS Table, you’re filtering on the PRODUCTS table.

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