Question filtering on max( [date] )

I did some searching on the forums but couldn’t find one, appologies if this is a dupe.

I have a table with a lot of data, and I pull data every 30 minutes. I want to have a dashboard with certain values ( about 20 of 35 columns ) presented as a dashboard to my engineers. I found most of what I want, except i can’t filter the date value (“data_entered”) other than “data_entered”, “previous” “35 minutes” just in case the run is still going. Is there a way I’m missing? I’ve tried grouping on data_entered, but then can’t do a “max( [data_entered] )” there either.

I’d rather not do a native sql if possible, this query has a join and a couple other filters as well.

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Hi @Robert.Harris
There’s an issue open: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post