Question getting deleted from Pulse

Hi Team,

Questions are getting deleted from pulse and pulse is getting sent with empty result.
I have to manually add the question and re sent them.

This is happening in random once in two week.
I checked report_card and pulse table and cant see anything suspicios.

Any suggestion please.

Hi @devD
Which version of Metabase?
Could it be that the question has been archived?
You might be able to see what has happened in activity table.

Sorry for late response.
I upgraded my metabase and was hoping for issue to get resolved but it didnot.
Again after 4 days of sending pulse on time. the question dissapear.

And on further investigation in logs look like there is an issue in pulse. (log attached below)
it look like a timezone issue.

Please note I updated the metabase timezone Report to ‘Default Database’.
My metabase is in UTC and Database is in pacific time.

I am guessing changing the container timezone to pacific might resolve the issue.
Please suggest if I am wrong.

current metabase version 0.33.6

Below is the log

12-02 09:00:00 ERROR task.send- pulse s :: Error sending Pulse 10
at metabase. pulse $fn__60819$defaulted_timezone__60824.invoke( pulse .clj:51)
at metabase. pulse $fn__60917.invokeStatic( pulse .clj:165)
at metabase. pulse $fn__60917.invoke( pulse .clj:160)
at metabase. pulse $results__GT_notifications$iter__60947__60951$fn__60952.invoke( pulse .clj:212)
at metabase. pulse $send_notifications_BANG_.invokeStatic( pulse .clj:248)
at metabase. pulse $send_notifications_BANG_.invoke( pulse .clj:247)
at metabase. pulse $send_ pulse BANG.invokeStatic( pulse .clj:274)
at metabase. pulse $send_ pulse BANG.doInvoke( pulse .clj:256)
at metabase.task.send_ pulse s$fn__67957$send_ pulse s_BANG___67966$fn__67969$fn__67987$fn__67988.invoke(send_ pulse s.clj:59)
at metabase.task.send_ pulse s$fn__67957$send_ pulse s_BANG___67966$fn__67969$fn__67987.invoke(send_ pulse s.clj:56)
at metabase.task.send_ pulse s$fn__67957$send_ pulse s_BANG___67966$fn__67969.invoke(send_ pulse s.clj:55)
at metabase.task.send_ pulse s$fn__67957$send_ pulse s_BANG___67966.invoke(send_ pulse s.clj:42)
at metabase.task.send_ pulse s$fn__67957$send_ pulse s_BANG___67966$fn__67967.invoke(send_ pulse s.clj:49)
at metabase.task.send_ pulse s$fn__67957$send_ pulse s_BANG___67966.invoke(send_ pulse s.clj:42)
at metabase.task.send_ pulse s.Send Pulse s$fn__68023.invoke(send_ pulse s.clj:100)
at metabase.task.send_ pulse s.Send Pulse s.execute(send_ pulse s.clj:86)

Please post Diagnostic Info from Admin > Troubleshooting.

If there is an timezone issue somewhere, then that shouldn’t magically remove the question from the pulse, so that’s probably unrelated.

Have you checked if someone archived the question at some point? Or has the question been edited in the same period?
You might be able to see some information in metadata table activity

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Thanks a lot for suggestion. It looks like a timezone issue. I checked the log for the missed date in troubleshoot >> task and it says timezone issue (pasted below).

Now I am thinking of restarting the docker container with paramter
-e "JAVA_TIMEZONE=America/Los_Angeles" (As that is our DB timezone).
And hoping to resolve the issue.

please suggest if you think I am missing something.

Error log below.

{"status":"failed","exception":"class clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo","message":"Input to defaulted-timezone does not match schema: \n\n\t \u001b[0;33m [(named (not (instance? metabase.models.card.CardInstance nil)) card)] \u001b[0m \n\n","stacktrace":["--> pulse$fn__60819$defaulted_timezone__60824.invoke(pulse.clj:51)","pulse$fn__60917.invokeStatic(pulse.clj:165)","pulse$fn__60917.invoke(pulse.clj:160)","pulse$results__GT_notifications$iter__60947__60951$fn__60952.invoke(pulse.clj:212)","pulse$send_notifications_BANG_.invokeStatic(pulse.clj:248)","pulse$send_notifications_BANG_.invoke(pulse.clj:247)","pulse$send_pulse_BANG_.invokeStatic(pulse.clj:274)","pulse$send_pulse_BANG_.doInvoke(pulse.clj:256)","task.send_pulses$fn__67957$send_pulses_BANG___67966$fn__67969$fn__67987$fn__67988.invoke(send_pulses.clj:59)","models.task_history$fn__41262$do_with_task_history__41267$fn__41268.invoke(task_history.clj:77)","models.task_history$fn__41262$do_with_task_history__41267.invoke(task_history.clj:72)","task.send_pulses$fn__67957$send_pulses_BANG___67966$fn__67969$fn__67987.invoke(send_pulses.clj:56)","task.send_pulses$fn__67957$send_pulses_BANG___67966$fn__67969.invoke(send_pulses.clj:55)","task.send_pulses$fn__67957$send_pulses_BANG___67966.invoke(send_pulses.clj:42)","task.send_pulses$fn__67957$send_pulses_BANG___67966$fn__67967.invoke(send_pulses.clj:49)","task.send_pulses$fn__67957$send_pulses_BANG___67966.invoke(send_pulses.clj:42)","task.send_pulses.SendPulses$fn__68023.invoke(send_pulses.clj:100)","models.task_history$fn__41262$do_with_task_history__41267$fn__41268.invoke(task_history.clj:77)","models.task_history$fn__41262$do_with_task_history__41267.invoke(task_history.clj:72)","task.send_pulses.SendPulses.execute(send_pulses.clj:86)"],"ex-data":{"type":"schema.core/error","schema":[{"schema":"class metabase.models.card.CardInstance","optional?":false,"name":"card"}],"value":[null],"error":["schema.utils.NamedError@3f561ad9"]},"original-info":null}

@devD I guess we’re miscommunicating. You might have a timezone issue, yes, but that’s not a problem I’m concerned with.
If you are saying that questions are automatically getting removed from pulses, then that’s a Priority 1 bug, but you are not providing any information in regards to that.


My apologies for misunderstanding.
Yes we are getting question removed as well however we are getting it only when the pulse is not sent and the user is going back to the pulse.

I am not sure how to debug or get the log of the issue.
In activity table I am not sure how to filter out the issue.

And to answer your question the pulse are never archived nor its updated on same time.

@devD Okay, but now you’re using the correct timezone in the container? It would be nice to know if that fixes the problem.
Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.

I am going to restart the container with the new time zone. And i guess will have to wait for 4 to 5 days (as pulse were failing after running 4 to 5 times). I will update as soon as I see its working.

Thank you

Just for context, this is continued in Pulse failing after every 4 day run