Question Permission In Sub-Containers Not Working?

Hello, I have created a question using SQL and I have put that in a collection in which I have blocked the permission for all users, I will be using this SQL query as a table for the rest of the users.

And then, I have made a 2nd Question which uses the 1st Query and filters it for a specific workgroup in my organization.

I have then put this 2nd question in a container for THAT specific group.

However, If the user tries to view the 2nd question, It says “You don’t have permission to do that”, which doesn’t make sense… I have to grant permissions to both the 1st & the 2nd Question in order for the user to be able to view the question or dashboard related to that 1st question.

How can I let the user view the 2nd question without letting them view the 1st question? The permission system is not really flexible here…

Hi @bewinxed
That’s currently not possible. I was digging into this issue with @maz (email Sep 26th) a little while back, but we didn’t come to a conclusion. I guess I need to open an issue on this, so it doesn’t get lost, but let’s see what Maz has been thinking about.