Question question

I need some help, maybe somebody knows the answer.
I can make a question by sql from one item, and set to a line chart, put it to a dashboard.
I have about 100 item. And want to make a chart for every item.
On the dashboard I can add another item to the chart.
My question is. Can I make an “empty” question, and add it to a dashboard multiple times, then add items one by one to it.
or is there a better solution for this?

In general the order is that the questions has to be there first, then they can be added to the dashboard. Reason is that they all have an individual question id which is what the dashboard remembers.

It’s quite easy to create a lot of similar questions though: Just pick an existing question that is based on the same table, edit it, and when saving choose to “save as” instead of updating the original question.

When you have all (or maybe the first 10 questions) you can add them all to the dashboard in one edit session.

Hope that answers – otherwise please share a bit more details, maybe an example?