Question visualization config is lost when navigate from Dashboard

I’m having a weird problem when I navigate from Dashboard to a question with chart visualization.
The scenario is:

  • Create a question with date filter and bar chart visualization
  • The question is written in SQL
  • Add it to a Dashboard and link with Dashboard filter
  • Navigate from Dashboard to question

In the Dashboard I can see the question with bar chart config, but when I navigate to it, the visualization is changing to table automatically.
When I navigate from questions list (outside Dashboard), it’s everything fine.

Some additional info:
Metabase version: v0.34.1
Metabase DB: H2 and PostgreSQL
Browser: Chrome (v78.0.3904.108) and Mozilla Firefox (v72.0.1)
Host OS: Linux
Database: SQL Server 2016
Metabase is running with Docker

Anyone else is having this problem?

Hi @alanna.vanzella
I think you’re seeing one of the side-effects of the auto-visualization-selection (since 0.33).
There’s not a specific issue open on this, but I think it will be covered by the following issue, when I read the comments: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post