Question with permissions logic

Hello, I have using Metabase for the past few months and it has been working great, I just have a question about how the logic works when giving out permissions. (Using v0.32.9)

I have group x, which I would like to have view access to sub-collection y. I gave them permission to view items in sub-collection y on the permissions tab, but they are still having problems viewing anything in the sub-collection. I originally used the duplicate dashboard function to move dashboards originally saved in my personal collection over to sub-collection y.

My question is, do I need to give everybody in group x access to the databases from which the saved questions that I want them to have access to were queried from? If not, how else can I get group x to be able to view all tables/questions saved inside dashboards in sub-collection y? If there is any other information you may need, let me know.

Hi @peytonbrown2150
I think you’re seeing the same problem as I just created an issue for - please have a look, if it does not match your problem, then could you explain your problem in a different way, since I might just be mis-reading something.

I believe we are describing the same issue. Thank you for articulating it in a better way.