Questions and Dashboards Duplicated in UI

Hello, we've had an annoying issue pop up recently.

Dashboards are being duplicated in the UI.
Fixing the duplicates goes like this:

  1. Click archive on one of the questions/dashboards
  2. Dashboard/question and all it's duplicates disappear
  3. Go to archive, where there is no more duplicates, and click restore on the single question/dashboard
  4. Now duplicates are gone and only a single question/dashboard shows up in the UI.

See this: Upgrade 0.47.7 to 0.48.5 causes duplicate listing of dashboard names - #5 by CZvacko

Alternatively, just use Postgres instead of MySQL - you'll thank me later.

same as [More than one appears list of Dashboard on collection] - #12 by AndrewMBaines