Questions and dashboards verification


Over time, the amount of questions and dashboards grow to the point when search isn't efficient to find the latest version of a metric and common queries like "orders" (or any common word in your business) return a long list of "Orders" from different places.


The basic idea is to add properties to questions and dashboard that would reflect credibility of a question or a dashboard. For example, if questions has a verification time and a verification time to live, Metabase could render the ones that hasn't expired with extra icon or priority.

In case of the simplest implementation, a question is verified if its update happened no longer than an interval set in the settings.

Or in case of an advance implementation, this feature could be enriched with ability to limit a group of people who have permission to verify. The person who verified could be the maintainer or the contact person for the question/dashboard. Maybe notifications on an expiry. Or a state machine for questions/dashboards for states like "in review" or "draft".


I'd be happy with extra icon close to a question/dashboard, an extra setting for time to live and toggle for enabling it in a question/dashboard.

Does it sound like something everyone would benefit from Metabase? What do you think?

Hi @voroninman
Verification has been added in v41, known as Moderation:
Though, dashboards currently don't support this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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@flamber Yes, that's exactly what I had in mind. Maybe in more automated way with unverified after some time interval but it's a good start.

Can't find it in the listing of comparing plans though.

@voroninman It is only available in Pro and Enterprise.
You can script it to remove verification after a period of time if you need something like that.

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