Questions/Dashboards deleted after upgrade

I recently upgraded our metabase installation from 0.25.2 to the current 0.32.5. After the upgrade, all our users and other settings were intact, however all the saved questions and dashboards our users had created appear appear gone. They’re also not in the Migrated Questions or Migrated Dashboards collections.

Our installation uses your published docker containers running under AWS ECS. For the data store, we have the MB_DB_FILE variable pointing to a directory on a separate mounted EBS volume (using the default H2 file). When I upgraded, I detached the EBS volume, recreated the ECS container with the latest metabase dockerfile, then re-attached the volume. Unfortunately we do not have any snapshot backups of the EBS volume.

Is there anyway to restore our questions and dashboards? Thank you!

Hi @malichtenberg
Sounds like you’re in a bad spot.
First, take a backup of the H2 database before doing anything else.
Have you tried to use the search (in the top of Metabase), just in case they’re hiding somewhere you didn’t expect?
I would try to migrate to Postgres or MariaDB/MySQL, since it’s easier to work with than the H2.
Then you should check the database tables report_card and report_dashboard for any old data.