Questions & Dashboards gone after update [solved]


We recently updated Metabase to 0.30 from the 0.29.3.
Layout looks great, bu all our questions and dashboards have disappeared… Does anyone have a fix for this?


There is no officially released version of 0.30 yet, only a Release Candidate meant for testing.

See this issue It sounds like what you are experiencing.

Since then, and also since you wrote the above, the changes in issue #8031 among other stuff has been applied and announced as an RC1:

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Hi, Oliver. Thanks for trying out the release candidate, and sorry you’re experiencing troubles.

Like Jorn said (I feel like I say that a lot, Jorn :wink: ), it seems like you upgraded to an earlier snapshot of 0.30 before we announced the actual release candidate (which is still a pre-release).

As I wrote in the issue that Jorn linked to, my guess is that the fix for your situation is changing the collections permissions settings for the “Our analytics” root collection. Go there by clicking on “browse all items” from the home page. Once there, click the pencil icon in the top-right to open the collections edit menu and choose “edit permissions.” You might be on a version that had a bug where that link doesn’t seem to work; if so, after clicking on “edit permissions,” hit refresh in your browser, and you should see a modal that shows you which of your user groups can see items in the “our analytics” collection. Just grant your View or Curate access to the user groups that you want to be able to see or edit the contents of this collection.

FYI, the way that this will work in the actual 0.30 release when users upgrade is that users will be given Curate permissions to the “our analytics” collection, but your existing dashboards, pulses, and any questions that weren’t in a collection will be moved into new “migrated” collections which will only be accessible to Admins until you move them or change the collections permissions on those collections. This is to make sure there aren’t any accidental data or security leaks caused by upgrading.

I hope this helps, and please let me know if you’re still experiencing problems.


We were able to solve the issue thanks to all your help. The refresh trick was the final piece.

Much appreciated!

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