Questions very long to save

Hello everyone !
Recently queries became very long to save in Metabase (I can't exactly tell since when ... Maybe since we migrated from v0.41 to v0.43) ?
The problem is not to load them and to get results, but really to register them.
Has any one encountered the same issue ?
Do you have any tips to avoid that ?

Hi @VictoireM

It sounds like your Metabase application database might not have enough resources if you have a big instance.

Have a look in this topic, but specifically my comment on getting the table sizes:
Slow card load after upgrade to 0.42.1

It can also be caused by a reverse-proxy hanging on to the request, on save:

Difficult to tell with so little information.
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
And resource size of your servers.

Hello @flamber !
Thank you so much for your help.
Here is the result for our tables size (with the query that you suggested).

Does anything seem odd ?
I read the thread and your comments and I'm not sure to understand the solution : is vaccuming the old info from query_execution, the right thing to do ?
Does it take a lot of space on our instance ?

@VictoireM So you have 45 million rows in query_execution, and 16 million in view_log
With so large tables, you are definitely going to need a pretty large database instance - otherwise it will continue to swap or just use disk cache instead of in-memory, which is why things are slowing down.

Truncate the tables, or at least remove anything older than X days/months. Make sure you have a backup before doing that.