Read only permissions give weird question behaviour

we run Metabase in version v0.25.1.

As I want to have a group of users that can read our dashboards and questions but don´t have full access to the SQL queries behind I set up read-only access for SQL-Queries in the Permission section.

But the user can still go into the SQL editor and can add filters/change the query, but when they then would like to run the query the following error message appears:

“You do not have read permissions for /db/2/native/.”

I think the user should not be able to change the SQL query at all, maybe the editor could be greyed out? Otherwise the impression is that the user can change the SQL query but then runs into a weird error message.

Thanks, cheers, Eva


I also noticed that if you only change the visualization of the question, this error is also raised. I’ll fill a bug about that.

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