Reading file generated by Metabase [solved]

I have been trying to read file generated by metabase.jar. I assume it’s an h2 database file. so, I opened it in an h2 DB browser. There are many tables in the information schema but I can’t find the record dashboard that I have created or the DB creds stored in it. I am just curious to know these details. Where can I find those details? or metabase using some other techniques to store those details?

What’s the connection string you are using with your H2 browser?

Try something like shown in this post:

Let us know if that was the cure :slight_smile:

Thanks, @jornh. It was really helpful. I have changed the JDBC connection URL from jdbc:h2:path/ to jdbc:h2:path/metabase.db and it worked . “IFEXISTS=TRUE” was usefully. However it was actually weired to know that we should give metabase.db as file name instead of original file name). Any reasons?


Yes it has tripped up a few people over time - myself included…
Guess it’s just a H2 convention that you give the “database name” and not the filename, which could be though of as just an implementation detail. The filename suffix is something H2 handles. They even switched the name back in history, probably due to a format change or something.

Oh… and one more thing… :warning:
Maybe this is a good place to mention that if you don’t wan’t to have your database creds lying around in files scattered around the place (who has access to your backups of metabase application databases?) then set up a MB_ENCRYPTION_SECRET_KEY as documented in the :blue_book: Operations Guide

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