Recurrence dates filter

I have an SQL query that returns me

on orders (see screenshots) and I would like to associate a date filter that would filter on this field, but the date filter does not work.

Do you have an idea?


You need a new database designer :slight_smile:
Why do you have some rows with multiple values? It is a varchar?

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so in fact I explain to you. I have an order, which can be unique, so it only has a date, that's when I created it. I have an order, which can be recurring, so who should I create each month because it's a subscription? instead of having 12 identical lines with the same order numbers I created a field like the screenshot to have the "recurrence" which is a date, sometimes there is a date, sometimes a 20th and I would like to be able to filter on it actually. because otherwise if I leave the 12 command lines, it counts for me 12 commands if I do a count, while I only have one in "true".

You should try to build a database view that normalizes that data. I don’t think that any bi tool can build a query that gives you any info with the data how it is right now

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As soon as you concatenate dates in a varchar, you've no longer got dates, so won't be able to select.
Depending upon the database, you might be able to create an array column or JSON.
Better just to do it properly. The reason for creating multiple rows is that's how relational databases work best.

А можно увидеть код который вы используете ?