Region Map display names

Hi, I’m trying to use a custom region map. How do I display area names and details of my question on a map instead of hovering over a specified region?
(like this:

Hi @cecile
That is currently not possible.
How should Metabase handle when the information exceeds the region? It might now be a problem for some Asian languages, which has very short strings, but for everybody else that information would overflow other regions and make it difficult to read.

If I only want to display region names, is it possible?

@cecile No, Metabase currently doesn’t support displaying any information on the regions, but you are welcome to open a feature request with detailed information and screenshots:

is there any opened a feature request for this topic.
Region name should be displayed on map .

@omerfaruk The region name is displayed on hover. There is no request to display it on the map.