Relative date filter UI inconsistency v0.43-rc1

Hi. I like the general look of the changes in v0.43-rc1. Bookmarks will get a big thumbs up from my users.

Have noticed an inconsistency with the relative date filters when you user the "Starting from" option. Could be a personal preference thing or intentional design but it felt odd first time.

If I use "Past 6 months" I get this, which is what I expect from Metabase:

When I add "Starting from 3 months ago" I get this:

Note that the start and end dates have gone from the start of the month to a date relative to today. That's not how date filters have previously worked for me in Metabase. Feels like "months" is being used 2 different ways.

This is actually useful as I can now get a "6 months back from today's date" filter which I couldn't do previously, but it felt inconsistent to me.

Also the "* from now" only seems to appear when 0 is entered, all other values it's "* ago" which is interesting.

Hi @notrom
We're still working out some bugs in this area. Follow the latest issues on Github.

I've filed this here:

Thanks for pointing it out!