Replacing Looker with Cube and Metabase

TL;DR: Please RSVP and tune in to a webinar on Metabase in December 2022.

Looker popularized the power and usefulness of a semantic layer, but unfortunately decided to keep it (LookML) proprietary and restrict its users in data presentation options. In this event, we’ll show how Metabase and Cube provide a viable, modern, and open-source alternative.

You’ll see how the open-source data modeling layer of the headless BI platform (Cube) works with the modern data exploration platform (Metabase), so you can deliver dashboards and embedded analytics to your end users.

Also, please feel free to check the blog post that elaborates on replacing Looker with Cube and Metabase.

I read the blog post. It's not clear for me that what is Cube adding to Metabase. The four layers mentioned in the article for Cube (Data Modelling, Access Control, Caching, APIs) are already part of Metabase.