Reset admin password using reset-password


I have a metabase instance running on Azure, using our own PostgreSQL database.

I have lost the admin account, so I'm trying to get it back.

By looking on the core_users table I can find some emails which I could use. I would suppose that any account with is_active and is_superuser would count as admin.

When I run it with the reset-password command, the app service doesn't even start and I get a 503. Do I need to update first to be able to use the reset-password command?

java -Xmx5g -jar /home/site/wwwroot/metabase.jar reset-password

Also, when I am finally able to run it, where do I look to find the token? Is it displayed in the browser, or is it logged somewhere? If it's logged, could you please tell me the default location for these log files?

Thanks in advance!

Joao Sacramento

Do you know any password? Of any user?