Reset Password Mac App

I got logged out of Metabase on my local mac app and have no email set up. How do I reset my password?

Sorry about that. Just click Help in the application menu at the top of your screen and you’ll find the Reset Password menu option there. We know we need to come up with a more obvious way of doing this; apologies.

This brings up a form to enter an email address. When I do that, it says “one moment”, then nothing happens and the background screen says “Please contact an administrator to have them reset your password”.

Then - i get a message “Password reset failed, an unknown error occured”

I am the only user on this account, and there is no email set up with on my local install (mac app) so I am not sure how it will send a reset email?

Hmm, if you click the “Metabase” application menu item and do a check for updates, which version of the app does it say you’re on?

It updated just now to “Metabase” and that resolved my issue.

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Happy to hear that. Sorry for the hassle!

Facing similar issue on “”

Hmm, are you using the Reset Password… option in the Help menu at the top of the screen? I just tried it on version and I was unable to reproduce this problem.

You can simply delete the stored Application Data in ~/Library/Application Support/Metabase. The file should look something like “”

I’m getting the same issue on
I think I may have typed my email wrong when creating an account. Now I can’t Sign in or reset my password. I can’t create a new account.

I’ve tried uninstalling and installing again and I can’t get to the setup page again, just the sign in page. I tried searching for the application data as above but it’s not in ~/Library/Application Support/ or anywhere else I can see.

How do I get to the setup page again?