[✅ Resolved] What causes dashboard category filters to sometimes fail to provide autocompletion?

I have a dashboard filter based on a categorized field. Often autocompletion stops working and will stay that way for quite a while.

Curious if anyone has insight into what might lead to this? A dashboard with too many reports? Slow DB response time? The list is small (10 values), so collecting the values for autocompletion shouldn’t take long from a DB perspective.

Interesting. This was resolved by reconnecting the dashboard filter to a Native SQL report that had been modified causing the reference to break.

For example, in my Native SQL I had the variable {{marketplace_template}} and it somehow had become a text type instead of a category type - my dashboard was connected to this variable when set to the text type.

I corrected the Native SQL query so that {{marketplace_template}} was set to category. Once corrected, I modified the dashboard and reconnected the filter to the report and autocompletion started working again.