Restricted amount of entries in Drop Down filter

Hi all,

the drop down filters are restricted to a maximum of 40 entries.
Has anyone found a trick to increase this, or deactivate this restriction at all?


What version of Metabase are you on? I believe we upped this to 300 entries as of 0.23 or maybe 0.24 (latest version).

Hi maz,

I am running 0.24. The drop down filter shows only up to 40 entries. Any way to increase this amount?


I triggered a new database sync and cleared the browser cache…Now I see all 68 entries!
Great! Problem solved.

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Hi Maz,
I am using v0.25.1. What happens when you have more than 300 entries?
When I am searching for a certain entry in a very long list it is not found although I know the entry must be there …


I can´t use the “Is” function to filter for that value.
When I use “contains” I am able to:


The field is categoried as “Category” in the data model, I removed that to “select a special type” but it still does not work. Funny thing is that another field with at least that many entries does work, it is set as Entity key in the database. But I don´t want to start playing around with entity keys until I know that is the solution?
Thanks for your help!

Hi, Eva! Hmm, that’s strange. Lots of things around field value caching was fixed in Metabase v0.26, but I’m not certain if this specific behavior you’ve found related to filtering was fixed. I’ve never seen that behavior before. My suggestion would be to start by upgrading to v0.26 and seeing if that solves this for you. Cheers.

Hi Maz, thanks - I´ve decided not to upgrade to 0.26 until the default value filter issue ist fixed … as I use that in almost every dashboard and my users got used to it. But when we upgrade I will have a close look at this too!
Thanks, cheers, Eva

Hi @maz that seems to work now (v0.27) ! Thx :slight_smile:

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Anyone knows the maximum limit for filter dropdown in a dashboard.

Mine metabase version - v0.35.4

Would appreciate your help. Thanks!

@Timple The limit is 300 in a list before it gets converted to a search instead, but remember to define list/search/input correct in Admin > Data Model > (database+schema) > (table) > (column) :gear:


Much helpful

Any chnce this will be increased? I have a database of 1K items and I want to enable folks to be able to grab 5-10 at a time a compare them? This currently doesn't seem possible :confused: Please let me know if you have any suggestions!