Restricting filter values in shared dashboards (e.g. by hiding 'parent' filter)?

Hi all!

Context: we have one database containing data from multiple users for multiple projects. We need to share dashboards with users. The data is confidential, and users should be able to filter on 'their' projects in the dashboards.

Problem: if I add a project filter, and a user edits the value, the user can see the names of the projects of other users - although that is confidential.

Need: I'm looking for a way to share the dashboards with the users so that the filter values are restricted only to their projects. Am I missing something with the linked filter feature or any other feature, is this just not possible, or is this something only available for enterprise members?

What I already know: I am aware of ...

  • Linking & limiting filter values (e.g. project) based on 'parent' filter values (e.g. user) - however, I can't properly hide the 'parent' filter (e.g. user) which is required in this case
  • Hiding filter by adjusting the URL (e.g. ?user=7#hide_parameters=user) - however, the receiver can readily edit the URL again
  • Clicking on graphs allows to adjust filter values which impact other graphs - however, I can't properly hide the 'parent' filter
  • The fact that filter linking was initially included in this issue

Many thanks!

Hi @extren
That's available via Sandboxing in the Enterprise Edition:

You are also able to do it manually via Signed Embedding with Locked parameters:

Thanks so much @flamber! So you'd say that both options (sandboxing & signed embedding with locked parameters) is only possible in Enterprise Edition?

@extren No, I'm saying Sandboxing is part of Enterprise Edition, and Signed Embedding is available in all editions.