Returne SUM last 100 approved payments

I’m a new metabase user and i’m having some difficulties on how to filter the last (most recent) 100 approved payments in my code.

FROM ad_moip
WHERE approved_at is not NULL
ORDER BY approved_at asc

Hi @JeanGuimaraes
I’m not sure I understand, but depending on which type of database you’re querying, you should just add LIMIT 100 to the end of the query.

Thanks Flamber, but I already tried using this “Limit 100” function, but MetaBase does not return.

I would like to add (SUM) the last 100 payments received (approved) from the database.

OBs: sorry my bad english.

@JeanGuimaraes I would recommend that you ask in a forum specific to your database type, since your question is not specific to Metabase. Example has forums for most database types.

Your original query’s SUM function will only ever return a single number, being the sum of all approved orders. Your ORDER BY is in the wrong direction too - you’re returning the oldest first.
Not sure what your database is, but in MS SQL, your query would need to be something like:

select SUM(a.value) from 
( SELECT TOP 100 value 
FROM ad_moip
WHERE approved_at is not NULL
ORDER by approved_at desc
) a

Thanks for Help, Andrew.
But the MetaBase accused error with this Query.
What is wrong? :neutral_face:

My version of MetaBase: v0.36.4

Your using MySQL. The syntax is different.
Try this:

Guys, I got it!

FROM(SELECT value, approved_at
FROM ad_moip
WHERE approved_at IS NOT NULL
GROUP BY approved_at, value
ORDER BY approved_at DESC
LIMIT 100) AS table_tmp

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