Reverse proxy dashboard - not found

Hello everyone

I am trying to do a reverse proxy and I getting Not Found return ("Não encontrado" em portuguese).

If you look at the image of reverse proxy return, you will see that all the js and css are correctly loaded.

If you look at the bellow image, you will see the real metabase dashboard, and it load all the js and css aforementioned too. But the dashboard did a GET xhr request that my reverse proxy dashboard didn't did.

The xhr request is:

I highlighted the xhr request on the image bellow:

So, why my reverse proxy didn't did that xhr request?


I understand what that happening!

Let me explain! I program a reverse proxy to get a solicitation of client e request to original URL metadatabase.

so I request and the server get the request and do a request to Metabase

The response from Metabase, the server send to your browser.

However, the js file (app-public.bundle.js) that you get from the page, execute some commands that need the words, for exemplo, public and the uuid to execute a xhr request.

uuid is 7e380c6c-a608-4f49-b3ec-45a4024d32a9 on the url that js file valid if it is a uuid.

So, I update my website url from to and magically it work!