Revoke Edit button permission

Hello I have an improvement suggestion according to the state I see now for permissions.
I can allow view permissions for users but as far as I can see they are still able to reviwe a query, click on EDIT and SAVE CHANGES and only then they’ll receive a ‘no permissions’ notice.

is it possible to hide the edit button entirely?

In the scenario you’ve outlined here, does the test user account have a window open with that question in it when you make the permission change? If you refresh that window after saving the permission change, do you see the message about them not having permission? Saving permissions settings doesn’t prompt a refresh of all your users’ windows, so if they’re looking at something and then have permission to that thing revoked, they’ll only be locked out if they refresh or navigate away and then back again.

Hello Maz, thank you for your reply.
the test user didn’t have the question open. in fact metabase in general is not opened.
as I rechecked now , if I currently log in with that test user I get all my questions available by default, can click on edit --> save changes to get the ‘no permissions’ notice.
its not a big deal because I seem to lack the permissions to actualy edit the sql, but I can open these options , even click DELETE is available to get the ‘are you sure’ popup, just to receive the permissions notice afterwards.

thanks for checking. much appreciated.

Having looked into this more, I think it’s a bug, and it’s now being tracked here:

Thanks for pointing this out!


May I know how does the “frontend/src/metabase/query_builder/components/QueryHeader.jsx” script reflect when installed with metabase.jar.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi, Sai. Is your question specifically related to this topic? If not, could you please open this as a new topic? Thanks!

Hi maz, thank you for the reply.

Yes, my question is regarding the edit button as discussed above:
"it’s a bug, and it’s now being tracked here: ‘frontend/src/metabase/query_builder/components/QueryHeader.jsx’ "
Here, I have checked with the latest metabase version 0.22 and could see the changes in my QueryHeader.jsx file. But, no change is observed with respect to edit button(here, the user is still able to delete the widgets from the dashboard).

I have followed the below link for installation " " and issued the command --“lein ring server”., to start the service and have also tried running ./bin/start.

But somewhere the metabase.jar is not binding with ‘frontend/src/metabase/query_builder/components/QueryHeader.jsx’.
I am stuck with the functionality., any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance