Run a pulse while iterating over a set of values?

I have a table with one column holding a personID. I’d like to know if there is a way that I can have a pulse be run once for each distinct value in the personID column, with that personID available in a variable to use as a filter in the report???

What I’m looking to do is email reports to each individual person containing only the rows they’re in. Defining a pulse for each personID would work, but is impractical due to the size and the rate of change of the people in the pool.

I don’t see any obvious way, but I’m not terribly experienced w/ Metabase, and I’m probably not the cleverest person here :roll_eyes:, so maybe someone else has found a way…

Hi @tengammaps
It sounds like you’re looking for something similar to this request, which gives multiple options on how to do this, but it’s currently not included in Metabase.

Thanks @flamber ! That contains several viable options; in particular, I had totally missed the fact that there’s an API available. Plus using the embedding URL is a very quick & handy option.

Thanks again!