Run metabase from source - where's the GUI?!


I’m trying to run metabase from source on a linux ubuntu 18.04 machine. (so I can ultimately change the CSS of a dashboard)

I have followed the instructions in the developer’s guide.

I am able to run the backend server with lein ring server, but yarn build hot builds the frontend (with warnings), I can open localhost:8080 which shows a blank page with links to ‘interfaces’, ‘lint’, ‘src’ and ‘test’.

If I try localhost:8080/app/dist the page comes up with an error `cannot GET /app/dist/’

Any help would be great, thanks!

Hi @mike1
I usually yarn run build-hot, which has some warnings, but they can generally be ignored.
Then I run lein ring server, which can take some time and when finished it’ll open localhost:3000
It can easily take 15 minutes on my computer to get up and running.
What do you see in the log when running lein ring server?

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Doing it in that order, then going to localhost:3000 rather than localhost:8080 works.

Thanks for your help @flamber