Run simple SELECT for druid in metabase

Hi everyone.

I am getting below error when i try to run a simple select statement like “Select * from…” for Druid in Metabase.

Unrecognized token ‘select’: was expecting (‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘null’) at [Source:; line: 1, column: 7]

I am using the version Druid 0.16 and Metabase 0.31.2

Any help is greatly appreciated.

@renjithpaul That’s an almost two year old release of Metabase. Latest is 0.36.7
Metabase currently only supports native query (JSON) syntax for Druid.

Thanks.We are planing to upgrade it tomorrow.
Oh…so there is no way we can do the normal “select * …” thing on metabase in the latest version ?

@renjithpaul I don’t think so. Native query was the only way to query Druid until they introduced DruidSQL. I don’t have Druid setup, so you’ll have to test yourself.

Thanks @flamber

We use Druid too as a database and I can confirm that JSON SQL is the only way to write a native SQL for Druid.
What we do if we don’t know the JSON is use a DruidSQLconsole to write the SELECT * query and then view/export it as JSON. That result can be copy/pasted to Metabase.

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Thanks Danny