Running Metabase JAR file: Deleted files still in front

Hello everyone!

I noticed that when I load the data from the metabase config file to reshape the metabase front-end, the deleted dashboards/cards still appear on the front-end.

Is this a mistake on my part, intentional, or is it a feature that is supposed to happen?

Thank you in advance for any response, and have a great day!

So do you have an application database? If you want to do everything from scratch you should remove that as well

Hi Luiggi,

I work with Marcus. The question was not really clear ^^

We use serialization process to manage our deployment so each time we want to deploy new or modified dashboards & cards we run the "load" command.

But could we manage dashboard & card deletion ? Is there a way to flag items to be deleted ?

Or do we have to remove them manually on the production instance ?


gotcha, so the current process is additive only, it does not handle deletions.