SAML only authentication

My current organization currently uses Metabase open source and we have SAML configured and working properly.

We would like to know if SAML-only authentication is possible (do not expose the page with the option to login via username/password).

Thanks in advance,

you should be using Metabase enterprise or Pro right? if that's the case, you can disable basic authentication from settings->admin->authentication (it's at the bottom of the page=

Not really. I'm using the Metabase Open-source and we always had SAML configured (via Google Workspace), but never we found a way to have it as the only authentication mechanism.

that's weird, SAML is only available in paid versions. Maybe you're using OAuth2? even though, the only version that allows this is Pro or Enterprise

Hi can you help on SAML configurations with ADFS,

We can, you should write to help at Metabase dot com