Schedule blocking access to databases

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I’ve been looking for a way, on the admin panel, to somehow schedule down-time on a database to prevent any users from asking a question or visualizing a board on this database.
Long story short, we would like to do some heavy operations regularly, and for this to run smoothly and as fast as possible, we would like to disable any questions asked to this database by our users.

Is there a way to do this on the application ?

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Hi @laura-bergoens
Metabase currently don’t have such option. The only thing I can think of would be to change the host/port/user of the database in the application database table metabase_database, so queries would fail.
The optimal way would be to have multiple read-only replicas of your database, which can be used to run heavy queries on. That’s what we recommend if queries are slow on Metabase (or one option):

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Thanks for answering so fast !
Indeed we thought of the same “trick” (alter database credentials temporarily).