Search bar access denied

Recently some non admin users have reported a new and weird error using the search bar of Metabase version 0.33.4. Basically, if a non-admin role search for anything in the search bar, it shows an error saying that the user has no permissions to do so.

Permissions configs:

  1. Collections and people groups are set correctly already. Some groups have more privileges than others.
  2. admin/permissions/databases has most databases visible (data and sql access) just for admins. Normal users should use only 9 of the total of 50 databases integrated.

Hi @fredericohorst
Version 0.33.4 is more than a year old. Latest release is 0.36.7 - please try that version - remember to backup before upgrading.

Yep, thanks, I’ll do that on homolog – haven’t consider that. I was also looking if there’s a workaround to put already in our production env…

but yes, I’ll upgrade homolog to test that too.

@fredericohorst There has been so many changes, so I don’t even recall this problem, but my guess is that there’s no workarounds for permission issues.

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quick update on this one: updating the version on my homolog env seems to have solved the issue.
still don’t know what caused the issue, but no need to keep digging haha