See Column information directly from the 'learn from this table" view

Currently, in order to see the description of a specific column, the user has to click on
Learn from this table --> fields of this table --> Then click on the desired field name

This makes access to information very slow for users.
I see two potential improvements:

  • Same as at the table level : we could display an ‘i’ next to column name, and when passing over with the mouse pointer, the description can appear.
  • Simply create a view that gathers all columns names and their descriptions

Thanks for all the good work !!

Hi @MichaelU
You can make a query on the application database, which gathers this information from the metadata stored in metabase_field

Hi @flamber, thanks for the quick answer !
Is this something that a non admin user can do ?

@MichaelU Only if you give them access to that, which I wouldn’t recommend.

There’s an issue open about adding it to the UI: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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