Send dashboard by email on-demand

Is there any option to send a dashboard by an email on-demand (triggered manually)? I know I can create an automatic subscription that will send the dashboard every hour/day etc. but I would like to send it manually (triggered via API). Is there such option?

You can send it via the button on the subscription (send test)

Yeah but 1. I need to have the subscription active, i.e. it has to be active and sending the emails periodically. And if I do not want to have the subscription to exist and automatically send an email, I have to go to the subscription everytime and fill in the email manually and then trigger. 2. I want to trigger it externally with some app, ideally via API.

Well, you could use the api that Metabase uses when you click the send button. You don’t need the subscription to exist and it will only exist in your code

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