Separate, different brandings for shared dashboards

Hi, we are evaluating Metabase to build our (Snowplow-generated data) analytics dashboards. We will set up a Metabase instance for ourselves (internal usage).

But we also need to publish some dashboards for external clients as per scenarios linked from Customer-facing analytics (which is a great documentation BTW!)

Out question lies here: We need to have specific, different brandings for each shared dashboard(s). Use our target customer(s) logo, colors, etc. Will we be able to do this using a single Metabase instance? Or will we need separate ones, and brand each one as per each specific customer?

If separate Metabase instances are required, is it possible to have them all under the same Metabase Cloud subscription, or would we need separate subscriptions?


unfortunately this case is only possible with separate instances, as white labelling is per instance and not per dashboard

Thanks for the quick response!