Seperate permission levels for duplicated (cloned) daashboards?

They are 2 clients, set up a demo dashboard for them and they both liked it.

I duplicated these dashboarded and put them in their own folders and put the demo dashboards in their own folder.

since the clients' dashboards were cloned from the demo now they are not able to see the dashboards ( they get a Sorry, you don't have permission to see this card. message ) unless I also give them permission to the demo dashboards.

How can I separate the permission levels for duplicated pages?

Hi @pewpew
When you duplicate a dashboard, it does not duplicate the cards/questions on the dashboard.

So you would have to duplicate all the questions too, or add those questions to a collection, which is accessible to both groups.

There's a request for deep-copy of dashboards, and there's a third-party script as a workaround: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post