Serialization of select reports

Hello everyone,

I started working in a company with a dev and a production environments for Metabase. Currently all the reports are created and QA tested in dev, then have to be manually copied to production. I found out on this forum about the Serialization tool, to which our company must have access.

What wasn’t clear for me is: If I create a series of reports in the dev environment, can serialization be used to dump only the reports I created?


Hi @campagnaro
Not sure what you mean by “only the reports I created”, but it will dump all of it to yaml files, which can then be further filtered or changed if needed, before doing a load.
I would recommend trying the function and exploring the exported data to have a better understanding about what serialization does.
For reference:

Hi @flamber, thank you very much for your input. I’m sorry for the poor wording I used, by “reports” I meant all the dashboards, charts, etc, those that were validated and are ready for deployment.

But I think that your answer settles my question then. So I will have to filter the dump files to get the data I want, before loading into production. Since I still don’t have access to this procedure at my company, I thought to ask here if this was the proper method.

Thanks again for your help.