Series Breakout Y Axis

Looking to add series breakout to landing_site_base_url, but Metabase wont allow me to create multiple line graphs on the breakout of Y Axis. Is there another way of writing this to solve this issue?

    DATE_TRUNC(DATETIME(`created_at`, "Asia/Bangkok"), WEEK) AS `date`,
    COUNT(*) AS `Total_Conversions`,
    SUM(`total_price`) AS `Total_Sales`,
    (SUM(`total_price`) / COUNT(`id`)) AS `AOV`

LEFT JOIN `` ON DATE_TRUNC(DATETIME(`shopify.order`.`created_at`, "Asia/Bangkok"),DAY) = ``.`date`
WHERE {{date}} AND `landing_site_base_url` IS NOT NULL
HAVING `Total_conversions` > 1
ORDER BY `Total_conversions` DESC

can you provide us with troubleshooting info and also repro steps on the sample database?