Shared dashboard link not working

Hi guys,
i have installed v0.32.2 of Metabase on Windows 10 OS.
I have created a simple test dashboard and i’ve decided to test the public sharing option.
When i try to see the dashboard from another pc i recieve the following error:

Connection denied from localhost , ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

The public link is : http://localhost:3000/public/dashboard/11d4fe8b-33ae-47d6-94fe-2f7b7de25eae

Any help is appreciated

Hi @run4ever
You need to install Metabase on a machine that will act as a server or connected through a reverse proxy. And allow it in the firewall. And then you would need to use the computer name in “Site URL” (Admin Settings) or FQDN if you want to access it from outside the local network.
localhost is a general computer reference. Every machine has a localhost and it is itself.

Great!thanks a lot!