Shared Dashboards are not having Download Option

Shared Dashboards are not having Download Option,

is there any properties to enable download option in Metabase configurations.


Is any API, which provides the download option.

Note: Referring to Community Edition

Hi, this is only available in public or signed embeddings

Thanks a lot for your quick response.

In continuation to previous query, is it possible to use the Metabase API and provide the external option[Icon] to download the reports?

Reference :

yup, you can use the API if you want to customize behavior, but calls to the api have to be done outside of the Metabase product.

BTW: we might introduce the option to download data from the card in dashboards that are not shared (inside Metabase) in the short term, but it's not yet confirmed

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Thanks a lot Luiggi, for your kind response.

We love to see from Metabase, download capability for the shared reports.