Sharing question/dashboard with x-rays?

I’ve tried to share public links but the x-rays didn’t work, might be due to the user authentications?

So, is it possible to share a question with x-rays?


Could you please elaborate on what specifically you’re trying to accomplish, the step-by-step approach you tried, and exactly what the result was and how that differed from what you expected? It would also be helpful to know where and how you’re hosting Metabase, which version of Metabase you’re running, your browser and its version, as well as your operating system. Thanks!

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Hi Maz,
Thanks for answering. The interface of metabase is the best we’ve ever seen, really good job!

We’re using v0.304 docker image.
It’s simple steps that I create a question with graph x-rays, it’s all fine inside the metabase, I can drill down to the detail data by x-rays. But it can’t show the detail data by x-rays when I save the question and share with a public link.

for example as follow.

Ah, I see: for a public or embedded question, you want to be able to drill down on a chart to see the underlying data for the chart, or the rows for a particular point on it. This is a common request, and we will be looking at solutions for this in the near future.

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is there any update on this? really need this feature in my dashboard

This is possible in the enterprise version of embeds, which have full drill-through interactivity: