Show more decimals in view

I have a PostegreSQL question that produces a number. When viewed in Metabase itself it gives me just “2.2” for instance.

But if I export the question result as CSV, it gives me “2.1979” for instance.

How can I make Metabase show more decimals in the question visualisation?

Anyone know how to do this?

Anyone know if this is possible? It applies not just to single numbers but also to table views, where numbers are shown without any decimals at all.

I see Metabase now allows to specify amount of decimals in single-number results. However, it doesn’t seem to be possible for table results.
Or does anyone know how to show more decimals for table results?

Sorry we didn’t reply to this earlier! I’m not sure why your table isn’t showing any decimal places at all, unless your underlying fields are Intergers. Metabase does currently only display up to two decimal places in tables. (For example, try viewing the raw data table for Orders in the Sample Dataset, and you should see two decimal places for the Subtotal and Tax fields.)

I’ve created a GitHub issue to record this request.