Show only selected values in drop-down filter


I have created a dashboard where I have a drop-down filter (field filter type) and values in it are coming from a column called "city" in my base table. This column has 30 unique values out of which 10 are garbage values like Mumbai_test, Paris_test, etc (coming from 10 garbage rows in base table) and I don't want to show those values in filter on dashboard. Is there any way to achieve this ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @outlier
You would have to remove that information from your database. Or create a database View, which filters out those unwanted rows. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Thanks @flamber Its not possible for us to remove the information from database. But, currently we have created another temp table having only those 20 required values and modifying our main query as below:
select columns
from base_table
where city in (select city from temp_table where {{city}})

Have upvoted the github link and that feature will surely help a lot.