Simple count graphed as a timeseries for "Previous 6 Months" is missing dates

I've got a couple simple Count queries that counts records by "created_at" and I've set the view to "previous 6 months" by week. I'd like for both of them to show the entire time range (so it's easy to compare them on a dashboard), but since some of the weeks have 0 values, those weeks don't show up if they're at the front or back of the timeseries. Is there a way to get the timeseries to always show the entire period, even if there is no data? (in a way that doesn't have to be updated every week, when the dates change)

I think your request is something similar to When selecting a date filter till "Today", charts should show represent that in the x-axis · Issue #16153 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

Aha! Yes, that is indeed the same thing, as far as. I can tell. I'll vote it up, and leave a link to this post, thank you :slight_smile: