Smaller question sizes


Adding a question to a dashboard, the smallest amount of space a question can take up seems to be 3x3 in the grid.

We would like to be able to show more information in one view. Can the minimum size be taken down to 2x2 or 1x1?
With corresponding decreases in font size to still allow title and answer to be visible within the question field.


Hey there @fimp. Mind giving me a few more details about the kind of information you’re trying to show and in what context (on a TV dashboard, etc)? While designing the current dashboard we found 3x3 to be the best minimum size to ensure data was legible at multiple screen sizes and with multiple visualization types.

I want to show many single number questions (i.e. COUNT(*) ) for viewing on computer monitors.

Do you see a disadvantage in having no minimum question size so people can choose themselves?

It would also be great to have question titles wrap inside the question frame instead of being cut short:
Example of a question that could use title wrapping:

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Hi again

Any further thoughts on this?

Hey @fimp,

Sorry for the delay in getting back. There’s certainly no technical reason we couldn’t. My main concern with dashboard cards is always readability at multiple screen sizes and that the data itself (the result) is always legible and clear. A secondary but also very important goal for us is trying to converge on a reasonable default that works for a majority of use cases out of the box, so most people don’t have to think about “designing” dashboards.

When designing scalar displays one main goal was that if you placed several side by side in a row that there would a good visual rhythm and that you wouldn’t have to work hard to scan the numbers. Having scalar values and titles dynamically scale to fit the card and always show absolutely everything would interrupt that rhythm and make scanning harder (especially if the minimum card size was removed) and would generally result in a dashboard that felt less cohesive. That’s the main reason we do things like truncation or reformatting scalar values at smaller sizes.

When it comes to title wrapping I think we might be able to do something where the titles wrap but keep the same general baseline (again to help with scanning so your eye doesn’t have to work so hard to scan the scalars in a row).

If you feel like trying out some things and submitting a pull request I’d definitely take a look at what you come up with.

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I’d also like to have an option for smaller question sizes.

My use case: I have multiple questions I’d like to put on the dashboard that are displayed as tables with a single row. As you can see in the screenshot below, almost 2/3rd of the space is white space.

I don’t mind the size defaults being where they are, but an option to have smaller sizes when needed (even if that means checking a box to activate some sort of advanced mode) would be very useful.


Hi All,
I would like to second the request about smaller card sizes and also smaller font sizes for single numbers as well as having text wrapped up within the card if the card is too small to show the whole text in one line.

Any idea if that is something you could do easily?
Thanks, Eva


I’m very greatfull for Metabase :slight_smile: However, I also would love to have the option for 1x1 or 2x2 question size.

In Metabase 0.25.2 when displaying a simple number the question on Dashboards is mostly white-space. Also when going down to current smallest size of 3x3 the text is no longer center aligned and with a lot of white-space. Tested in Chrome, Edge and IE.


We’d also like to have smaller questions on our dashboard! We have large screens placed physically near us and the questions are definitely readable even when it’s smaller(our grafana dashboard for devops is smaller and it’s extremely readable)

Any update for this ? …

I need this, too.
Pls devs, would be very nice.

Go and vote (click the :+1: on the first post):

Thanks for reply,

I have voted now, hope to get this feature soon.
Metabase is realy nice!

Voted as well. I have number questions and line chart questions next to each other. It seems weird that number questions are relatively bigger than line chart questions. Although in terms on tile sizes they are not but at first glance the relative size seems off.

Hi , is there any update from Metabase team? lots of needs for this function

@ericbkk I don't have a timeline for this. Upvote the issues you are interested in by clicking :+1: on the first post of each issue.
Upvotes is not the only measure we look at while prioritizing what to work on.

Is there any update on this since 2017?

please follow

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Waiting for this as well as many others. Any plans to implement this feature request?

Upvote issues by clicking :+1: on the first post of an issue:

There's currently no plans to implement it. Follow the roadmap here: