Snippets make date variables bug


I've been using date variables in my queries and implementing snippets of code.

Here is my query :
SELECT date_trunc({{granularite}}, "public"."subscriptions"."created_at") AS "date", count(*) AS "count"
FROM "public"."subscriptions"
JOIN "public"."plans" ON "public"."subscriptions"."plan_id" = "plans"."id"
WHERE ("subscriptions"."created_at">= {{debut}} AND "subscriptions"."created_at" <= {{fin}} AND {{snippet: Parentsplansslug}})
GROUP BY "date"

The snippet is :
("plans"."slug" = 'consumer_12_months'
OR "plans"."slug" = 'consumer_12_months_v2' OR "plans"."slug" = 'consumer_12_months_v3')

Here is my problem :

  • i don't get any error when running the query
  • when i set dates variables, it has no effect on the graphs - nothing happens

Have you encountered this issue? What could be a solution?

Interesting, which version and database are you running this in?