Snowflake Account Migration and Metabase Impact

I'm currently working on migrating a large Snowflake instance to a different region and I'm a bit concerned about the impact to Metabase. Assuming the name of the db, schemas and underlying table and view definitions remain the same will it be as simple as updating the account name in the admin UI? Hopefully I can avoid having to rebuild all current dashboards pointing to the new instance.

Hi @yoitsbenc
If you move your database source to a different place (Snowflake region move, Postgres server move, etc), then as long as the schema/table/columns stay exactly intact, meaning no change in their names, then there should be no difference when you change to the new host/account in Metabase Admin > Databases > (your-db).
But a good practice, always make sure you make backups before doing any big changes or upgrades, so you can revert if something breaks.

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