Snowflake Connection Issue in Metabase Cloud

Just signed up to Metabase and am attempting to connect my first database (Snowflake).

Metabase keeps giving me the following error message when I attempt to save my database connection "Looks like the database name is incorrect."

I've supplied the correct DB name, as it appears in Snowflake.

Is this field looking for a different piece of information?

Hi @elijah1
Snowflake is a bit different than other databases, as the name of everything are case-sensitive.
Everything has to be entered exactly how it was created.
What does Snowflake call your database and what are you inputting into Metabase?

My snowflake database name shows up like this TOOL_DATABASE

In Metabase I have replicated that, exactly (I think), as TOOL_DATABASE

I tried both upper and lowercase, to see if that was causing an issue, but it didn't resolve it

@elijah1 Try checking your Snowflake logs, perhaps it's more helpful than the error returned to Metabase